At the undergraduate level, equivalent to Grado Universitario in Spain, everything is done through UCAS a platform that is organized by the UK government.

Through UCAS you prepare, pay and send your application.

You shall register to the entry year you are interested and then you will have to begin your application:

1.Bureaucracy/personal details

Fill your personal details and contact details such as nationality, phone number, email, school et…

2. Academic Details: You can apply up to 5 courses in different or the same by universities. These courses should be related as you will only have one personal statement for the 5 courses in which you will have to show you are an adequate person for that particular university and course. You can check the details of every course on every particular university, the course minimum entry academic and English requirements etc.. You can check the subject you will study, the type of course, the duration, the university facilities, etc,

UCAS Student Registration:

Every course has a code that you will have to insert in your UCAS application on the choices part.

However, there are three key factors in your UCAS application:

Personal Statement:

This is the main factor in your UCAS Application. It is a 4000 character text that should be written by you where you will describe and explain: -Your passion for the subject field you are applying through real examples and experiences.

You shall write 85% academic and 15% nonacademic. However, take into account that every course and university is different and that there are many extracurricular activities related toi your field that you have participated that admissions tutors would like to hear.

A common structure is the following:


You will have to find a teacher/Director/ Employer to write a reference for you where he/she will outline your academic capacities. He will have to confirm/ explain:


You will have t